Back From Tonder Festival | LBF Survives Europe


Whoa kids, long time no speak!  This is the Lion here, happy to report we're all accounted for with our feet back on the motherland's sweet, sweet soil.  What a trip!


For those of you who don't know, we three animals (and our trusted Zookeeper) spent the last week in beautiful Denmark singing for our suppers at Tonder Festival!  The journey was long, the jet lag was brutal but boy, do those Danes know how to party.  We had three festival shows, a few private engagements and some press/radio thrown in to boot so the schedule was fast and furious.


Where can I even start?  Our shows were jam packed with lovely folks and the festival treated us like absolute gold. To be able to connect with so many new people so far away from home, and in such an amazing environment was just incredible and we're returning home with our hearts full of love!  To everyone who saw a show, yelled hello on the festival grounds, shed a tear or gave us a high five - thank you!  We had such a memorable time and hope to be back real soon.


After a busy summer season, we'll be going a little quiet for September before coming back with a vengeance as fall moves on...  

Bear will be patiently awaiting his new cubs arrival, Fox has a new record coming out and will be hitting the road for some solo shows (DATES & MUSIC HERE) and I myself am heading into the backcountry of Kootenay National Park to through-hike the Rockwall Trail.  


Don't fear, friends -  we have new dates coming and more exciting things to announce so stay tuned - we'll see you all real soon!

Oh and all pics courtesy of Little Bear Photo!


Lion Bear and Fox

aaron bethune